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Write about...a table.

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending The Pen and The Page conference by Tricia Lott Williford at Glen Eyrie Conference center in Colorado Springs. My heart lives in Tennessee but my soul resides in Colorado. We were given instruction on the discipline of writing. We had ample time to write and were given prompts to get our pens moving. This one I am trying to be brave to share here was "write about a table" : "I remember the first Thanksgiving as a single mom of 8 kids. We laid our cream tablecloth on the table. It was the old, stained one that included the things we were most thankful for from each year in our family written in our own handwriting. I wanted to franticall

Stepping back and moving forward...

As I gazed out the airplane window, at least 10,000 feet below, I saw a blanket of smokey, gray clouds under me. Through the thick, dark clouds I could see in the distance tiny lights on homes, and other buildings. I was on my way to Colorado! Ready for some rest, quietness, refreshment and remembering. We need to take time to remember. It brings gratefulness, healing and growth to our souls. It is hard to remember some times in the all encompassing mist of doing, doing, doing! I get small moments of rest and renewal but I am excited for this extended time away. Those distant lights below me are like the memories I have of my life with Matt. They are clouded. Some are big and bright,



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