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Health Update

Hello everyone! Just want to give a quick health update as there have been many questions on my current condition. The last update I've given was the GI bleed and the aftermath. Thankfully, that has all resolved well. However, since then I have been pretty fatigued as a result since then. The chemo was having some positive results in the numbers showing positive trends which was good. However, the numbers recently have taken a 180 in the opposite direction since then unfortunately. Therefore, the doctor has said the chemo is no longer getting the results they want. Therefore, the doctor has decided to move to hospice/palliative care as a result. He also has updated my prognosis to 2-3

"What a heavy burden God has laid on mankind!" Ecclesiastes 1:13

I apologize that it has been so long since I've posted. My energy levels have just prohibited posting until now. Update on my health: It's been an eventful couple of weeks. About 2 weeks ago, my doctor gave me an updated prognosis on my condition. I have been on a new chemo treatment over the last month which has really sapped my energy. My doc stated that if this chemo didn't work, it may be my last option, leaving me 3-6 months. The challenge is my cancer has spread to one of my ribs and a few other small places. Not good news. However, the chemo appears to have been having an effect as my numbers from my blood tests have been moving in the right direction. If that is the case, I c



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