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Cleaning Out/Extravagant Love

I recently got to clean out our school shelves from last year. We have to face the reality that another school year is upon us. One of the items I decided I was tired of going around in school room was a mini fridge. So I cleaned it out and I sold it for $20 to a lady in my neighborhood. For some reason I felt a tinge of guilt for selling it instead of just giving it away. But God knew I'd need that cash in my wallet. The kids and I also cleaned out Matt's closet recently. They were only temporary trappings but we had a special time reminiscing about the different clothing items. We found a couple love notes he was carrying in his pockets from me. We laughed at how many coats he had-

Courage in the blur...part 2

On our recent trip to Colorado, I got a day away to Estes Park, CO. Got some real time to connect with Jesus in the mountains. I am thankful for the pictures He gave me of things to learn from and be reminded of truth. This first picture reminded me of how I have been feeling in public as a person grieving. That one dried up, dead-looking tree in the center of the picture, missing its healthy branches. I feel some days as if everything around me is busy and standing tall. Firm. Healthy. I am the odd one. Striving to find life. To stand tall. Firm. Do you remember looking out the window on family road trips for what felt like days! Especially that trip to find just the right ca

Courage in the Blur..part 1

Over 30 years ago, I remember sitting in an evangelism training class at my little church after becoming a new believer. It was the first time I heard Joshua 1:9. "Have not I commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." I knew I had to memorize it--get it in my bones! I remember many blurry times through years of school, relationship troubles, marriage, many moves, having children, and now experiencing the death of my husband that this verse has echoed through my head and heart. Although, I am not Moses arising to lead people over the Jordan into the promised land (at least not in the literal



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