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A blessing from difficulty... the consciously needy heart.

Another beautiful thing happened today. The music people were out of town at our humble church, and we sang hymns. The guy leading the songs begged me not to post on this (he did fine, and we love him for more than his voice... he's a godly friend, and those are truly rare), but I must because God taught me something special today. It's ironic the previous week we had visited our former church in the Houston area that has near professional quality music. However, this week was so much more a blessing. One of the songs we sang was Amazing Grace today. What made singing that today acappella better than the concert the week before? This week, due to the trial of chemo, I was more aware of

Oral chemo and more grace that I can measure...

Well, have to say the umbilical chemo was much easier than the oral. Not sure if I've explained, but after each in-hospital procedure, I have two days of oral chemo. I think I now have pill-induced PTSD. It hasn't quite come to nightmares yet, but I bet it's coming. Little liver colored pills attacking me at night I imagine. OK, sorry for the drama. However, they do tend to leave you sour in the tummy and totally worn out. Even Abby (2) is wondering why Daddy is in bed so much. However, she has these wonderful hugs and sweet kisses that always seem to provide strength. What a joy being a dad is. The good news is my super sexy nurse and I figured out a pattern to minimize the discomfo

My First Oil Change and Today's MVP...

Well, I survived my first oil change... my nickname for my chemo treatments. Sounds better to me. Now I know a bit how my car feels I think. However, there are some significant differences with the procedures. My car can get an oil change for $26.95. Mine is $2695... :) My car gets done in 15 minutes. I'm there for 4-6 hours. Well, at least I get to watch Netflix!! Take that! Seriously, I was nervous going into the process today. But, it went well. It helps that they pumped me full of 3 types of nausea meds, but I'm still grateful for the results. I was able to eat twice while I was in the not-so-express lube job, and that's a good thing. I do feel a little weird, but mostly tir

Why the name, part 2, and an important question answered...

So, back in February, I picked an interesting tag line for this blog: "Blogging as a dying man to dying men." Those who are Puritan savvy know this quote is originally attributed in the context of preaching from Richard Baxter. While I was challenged by his quote originally in a sense to add some gravity and urgency of what really matters in life, it has taken a whole new meaning... Re-reading the post makes it feel a little creepy. I guess I should be careful what I write. On June 30th, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon cancer that has spread to my liver. While, we are all dying, the identity of a dying man now carries full gravity. In light of these series of unfortunate events, I'v



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