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Learning In The Hardest Trials Of Life

God's grace is amazing, I can't even explain. It has been so hard these past few days remembering my Dad but they have been so joyful too. I have learned in my grief journey there's a lot that you can be happy about and know that it that doesn't mean you're over with grief, or it doesn't mean you care any less about your loved one. The first batch and I went to the hospital and my Mom was playing a song called "Only Jesus". She said she knew Daddy would have loved that song and the words were" I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE A LEGACY I DON'T CARE IF THEY REMEMBER ME- ONLY JESUS". Wow! so true right? When Dad told us we he had cancer he said we should not blame God or be angry at God. Even though gri

Mystery of Suffering/Glory

Up until 21 months ago, I have never thought about suffering and glory like I do now. Elisabeth Elliot said, "One step at a time, over the years, as I sought to plumb the mystery of suffering (which cannot be plumbed), I began to see that there is a sense in which everything is a gift. Even my widowhood." Instead of steps I think of it like a teeter totter. Remember ever "riding" one of those death traps?! The excitement when you are up high mixed with the thrill of being at someone's will, feet dangling...feeling free. When you are the one on the ground, the feeling of control and relief-even responsibility- for the person on the other end. In much of the grief journey, I've felt I'm o



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