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Questions for Jesus...

Hello. I know it has been quite a while. The last 4 weeks have been trying ones with my health. I'm grateful for all your prayers and support during some dark days where the pain, nausea, jaundice and weakness put me in tears... even at times asking the Lord... "Is this the beginning of the end?" So, please forgive me for my absence. It's been tough. Tonight, I'm grateful for a period of time where I have the med balances right that permit me enough energy to share some thoughts and hopefully something useful will come of it. Quick update on treatment: I've recently switched to a new line of chemo to treat my disease. It's really taken a toll, but I think the worst is behind me now.

"I was the lion..."

I may have mentioned before that we read the Chronicles of Narnia to the kids. Recently, we have been reading through one of my favorites in the series: "The Horse and His Boy." Tonight we reached what I believe is the climax of the story. In the story, there is a young boy who has had a hard life to say the least: Shasta. In all of his adventures, in this part of the story, he descends into a period of sadness. While he believes he has finally reached the point of the end of the journey as it relates to his contribution, he has become separated from the group and alone in the fog at night. At least, he thinks he's alone. He's accompanied by a mysterious companion, whom he can't see, b

Days 1 & 7 of Disney - EPCOT

I originally wanted to cover each day separately, but it made more sense to cover each park as an entry. We ended up visiting all 4 parks at Disney, with 2 days at each park except for Animal Kingdom. It was a toss up between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios for the park to visit only once. Animal Kingdom is really a one-day park, but Hollywood Studios is approx 50% under construction for the new Toy Story Land, opening in 2018 and Star Wars Land, opening in 2019. Highlights of day one were starting out on Test Track: an attraction that simulates you designing your own car and testing it on their track. Love Sponge, the 2 yr old, was my partner.... so we had a little pink car with s



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