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"The Space Between"

"Oh to live with your heart in two places... is an ache that never leaves." "Cause losing you feels like I've lost my breath...breath I need to breathe." "And knowing you're ok now...doesn't mean it's still not carry on and make the most of what's in front of me... down here... in the space between." "Steady now, it won't be long...there won't be a space between." I love the lyrics to this song written by Alisa Turner. I saw her perform it live at a coffee shop in Nashville. These lyrics hit me deeply because I feel them in real, daily life and I see my kids feel them in living color. This is a true reality that we "live with our hearts in two places". And it is an "ache that ne

Looking back....

I've done a lot of looking back in the last couple of months. One of the things I overlooked last year was getting our beautifully written Christmas letter by my Leah published. So for the sake of looking back and remembering to never forget.... “Courage, dear heart” One of my favorite memories with my Dad was when he would read us the Narnia stories. Clustered onto the living room couches in our warm pajamas and soft blankets, we would await the newest installment in the adventures of the Pevensie children. The way the words leapt from the page and were spun into a magical story in both my siblings’ minds and my own, aided by my Dad’s colorful character impressions, created a memory that I



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