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Our Disney Trip ... Departure Leg...

Hello! I promised I'd put some notes about our Disney trip out here. I apologize for the delays in sharing. I've been dealing with pain in various forms. Seems like every part of my torso has been taking its turn. It hasn't been fun. Thank you for your prayers! For the first event to capture, we'd like to share the fun trip there. Thanks to your generosity, we decided to rent a Sprinter van for the trip. It has wifi, a TV and a whole lot more comfort for everyone... not to mention better mileage than our "bus." [The baby approved of the new ride...] For the set up, we the parents, played a trick on the kids. We knew we were renting the van, so we planned on bringing a lot of stuff.

If God was like Santa, I'd love Him less...

(This is our family Christmas letter. I'm posting it here in case anyone didn't see it and were interested.) What if God was like Santa? A really nice supernatural being who gave us what we want. Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a thing? Anything we want, when we want it, how we want it. If we could only say certain words, perform certain acts or accomplish certain tasks, and that being would be compelled to act on our behalf to our liking, and we could master our own fates. And… that’s just it… we want to be masters of our own fates. We want to be gods of our destiny, if we’re honest. However, the real problem is despite our best and multitudinous efforts to convince ourselves otherw

To be ... or not to be...

Cheesy title? Maybe. It's been two weeks... an amazing two weeks. What you did to contribute to our family's trip and enable some special memories... well, it's hard to describe. I don't believe the Bible teaches quid pro quo, but I hope you are remembered in trial like our family has been. Over the next week, I will blog on each day with some pictures capturing the special moments. Like the Gospel of John, I won't be able to capture them all, but I want to capture many, and I hope you find it blessing and can celebrate the memories with us. Update on my medical situation. We met with the Doctor on Monday. I apologize for not writing sooner, but I've had some unfortunate pain the las

When God forgets...

Doesn't God know who I am? I mean, who I really am? Can He not see into my heart? Does He not remember how much I hated Him for the pains in my life as a young man? As a young man, I harbored vile hatred for Him for not coming to my rescue when home wasn't what I wanted. One on occasion, I shook my fist at him and called Him every foul name I could think of Him. I did not fear Him, nor did I respect or love Him. His existence was offensive to me. I thought I could keep Him at bay with religious rules, Bible knowledge, church attendance. I thought it could make me good enough. If it wasn't, that was His fault for He owed me. He owed me for everything I wanted He hadn't provided, and

Extreme and abundant life...

This trial has brought a lot of extremes. I've written a lot about the negative extremes in past blogs. Living in a world of total depravity will make avoiding negative extremes nearly impossible. My trial is one of them. However, this time has also been filled with grace, and there have been so many positive extremes ... so many that life has been really intense! Lately, the displays of grace in our lives have left our family stunned. As you know, we wanted to create some special memories, and that included plans for Disney. Friends felt led to do a Gofundme, and the result has been amazing. We're happy to tell everyone that between the site donations and various other donations outsi



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