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Our Disney Trip ... Departure Leg...

Hello! I promised I'd put some notes about our Disney trip out here. I apologize for the delays in sharing. I've been dealing with pain in various forms. Seems like every part of my torso has been taking its turn. It hasn't been fun. Thank you for your prayers!

For the first event to capture, we'd like to share the fun trip there. Thanks to your generosity, we decided to rent a Sprinter van for the trip. It has wifi, a TV and a whole lot more comfort for everyone... not to mention better mileage than our "bus."

[The baby approved of the new ride...]

For the set up, we the parents, played a trick on the kids. We knew we were renting the van, so we planned on bringing a lot of stuff. Besides being very comfortable for our large crew, it included a 5'x6' storage area in the back. Before we went to the rental place, we asked the kids to figure out how to pack the van with our outrageous pile of stuff.

[Caption: "Hey, kids... make it fit!! And that was only some of it.]

Then, sweetie went in and told them I was on my way back from "the errand" and we would need to pack the van quickly to make the hotel at a decent time. Cue the video:

[If the link doesn't work, try this one:]

I still get teary eyed each time I see it.

Once we got on the road, we made our way to Atlanta. And, with what you expect in travelling south, you encounter... SNOW!!

Truly crazy. Here's Little Sassy in the 2 inches of snow.

It was really pretty that night. The kids have been begging for snow since here... unfortunately low temps and precipitation seem to be mutually exclusive here.

The pics are outside Pappadeaux's. I love that place, and I was... well, a little grumpy that they shut down an hour before we got there... but we found a fun place to eat closer to our hotel:

Note the kids' faces from the flames! Hee hee.

We then settled in for the night while the snow fell outside. The rest of the trip was pretty ordinary from a driver's perspective, but the kids had a blast watching movies, shooting zombies and just enjoying the comfort of their ride.

When we arrived in Orlando, as a means of saving money and for comfort, we had decided to rent a house for the week. Man, that worked out so well. Renting two rooms for our family would have been north of $4K on the property, but we rented a house for <1/3 of that, and it was SO much more comfortable. I really recommend it for large families especially.

More blessings to document to come! Thank you again. We're still geeking out on the blessing this trip was for us. We love you for what you've done for our family! God's grace has truly shone in your love to us.

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