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Learning In The Hardest Trials Of Life

God's grace is amazing, I can't even explain. It has been so hard these past few days remembering my Dad but they have been so joyful too. I have learned in my grief journey there's a lot that you can be happy about and know that it that doesn't mean you're over with grief, or it doesn't mean you care any less about your loved one. The first batch and I went to the hospital and my Mom was playing a song called "Only Jesus". She said she knew Daddy would have loved that song and the words were" I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE A LEGACY I DON'T CARE IF THEY REMEMBER ME- ONLY JESUS". Wow! so true right? When Dad told us we he had cancer he said we should not blame God or be angry at God. Even though grief is hard I am learning new things about grief and things I never even knew before. That are so important. We can still love God even when we are groaning with the things of this world. When we were on the way out of the hospital we saw Dad's favorite nurse-- we were shocked! I had to do something and I didn't think twice

. I raced to him and gave him chocolates. Then I forgot to tell him why I gave him the chocolates. So then I caught up to him again and said he was my Dad's favorite nurse.When that happened though I felt like I was not shy anymore or fearful and all that was left behind and I felt like God was with me and God is always With us now and FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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