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It's the Dad Life

This video has popped up several times over the past month and we have watched it with fond memories for our family. One year for Father's Day, the kids made a home video of themselves lip-synching this song for Matt and it brought him to tears.

I want you to see it because Matt loved the "dad life". He fully embraced his lovely but not chubby enough baby faces, dirty diapers, holding them while they slept in his arms, and giving them to mom when they cried. :) He loved tackling and tickling his kids. He didn't mind trading in his cool Honda Accord for a station wagon to tote his babies around. He really did "rock his Docker's". Matt loved researching anything electronic he wanted to get for the kids. He loved taking them on errands. He loved repairing things. He loved me well (Yes, that is part of a dad's life). Not a day goes by that our kids don't miss their dad and the way that he did the dad life. Recently, I was getting our sweet Abigail (about to turn 6 in a couple weeks) ready for the Father- Daughter Dance that our homeschool tutorial was hosting. Abigail told me proudly, as I brushed through her long golden hair, "Daddy would want to take me to this if he were here.". I gently responded that she was correct. Matt loved taking his daughters out on dates! She continued, "I don't know if I can do this, I am just missing Daddy too much." I said to myself, "yes, this is his job-why can't he be here?". I breathed a quick prayer and told Abby, "Daddy is in heaven so Joshua will be taking you tonight." Abby replied with a lower lip sticking out, "I---- K N O W, Daddy is probably having more fun in heaven than he would here." I had to correct her, "Abby, Daddy is very thankful that he is in heaven but he loved being here too, with you and with all of us." I want her to know how much her Daddy loved her and wanted to stay here and be her Daddy. She needs to believe it and be healed by it. All of my kids do. They also need to see that their Daddy pointed and continues to point them to his best Daddy....the King of Heaven...Jesus! Only Jesus can be the perfect Father to the Fatherless. And their Daddy wanted them to know Him. Yes, Matt enjoyed being a dad to these precious 8 souls we were given. But he also looks forward to introducing them to the BEST DADDY ever one day when we all see him again.

Enjoy the video. Laugh a little and go find their 2020 version on Youtube too! So wish Matt could've seen that one with us. He's in his Daddy's hands. Remember, purposeful with the time you have with your little ones. Enjoy the time you have with your older ones. Each moment is worth it. Each bill is only temporary. Each memory you make is a treasure. Enjoy the Dad life!


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