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Oral chemo and more grace that I can measure...

Well, have to say the umbilical chemo was much easier than the oral. Not sure if I've explained, but after each in-hospital procedure, I have two days of oral chemo. I think I now have pill-induced PTSD. It hasn't quite come to nightmares yet, but I bet it's coming. Little liver colored pills attacking me at night I imagine. OK, sorry for the drama.

However, they do tend to leave you sour in the tummy and totally worn out. Even Abby (2) is wondering why Daddy is in bed so much. However, she has these wonderful hugs and sweet kisses that always seem to provide strength. What a joy being a dad is.

The good news is my super sexy nurse and I figured out a pattern to minimize the discomfort, so we expect less disabling results on future weeks. What a partner this lady continues to be!! I find myself randomly telling her how thankful I am to be married to her. Can't help it... she's too awesome.

Enough about the treatment... this is also a means to document God's grace... and we've been smothered. The night before treatment, we had many of the men of the church stop by to pray. We had friends come and take 4 of the kids for a week of fun at their place (they already have 6 of their own... yeah, those kind of godly warriors we're blessed to know), and someone also volunteered to take our ultra needy dog for an extended period of time, train her, groom her and bring her back when we're ready for her.

Can you believe that?!?!? Hey, this situation may not be the best, but Sara and I are in disbelief at how the family of God has rallied around us. THIS IS FELLOWSHIP in the most beautiful way imaginable. We are so humbled and amazed at God's goodness it's hard to explain.

We tend to like these superhero stories where one mega powerful person comes in and cures the situation. However, this is the way God does it: an army of His people working as a community taking little pieces all fueled by the love for one Superman, Jesus Himself.

To all of you who have prayed, brought meals, watched children, taken dogs, etc, I don't want to be presumptuous, but I have to say with confidence, God is pleased with your sacrifice. You are an agent of His glory, and we love you for it.

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