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Health Update

Hello everyone! Just want to give a quick health update as there have been many questions on my current condition.

The last update I've given was the GI bleed and the aftermath. Thankfully, that has all resolved well. However, since then I have been pretty fatigued as a result since then.

The chemo was having some positive results in the numbers showing positive trends which was good. However, the numbers recently have taken a 180 in the opposite direction since then unfortunately. Therefore, the doctor has said the chemo is no longer getting the results they want.

Therefore, the doctor has decided to move to hospice/palliative care as a result. He also has updated my prognosis to 2-3 months of life. As a result, I have quit working and am at home now making memories with the kids and family.

It's unfortunate news, but I've always known my condition has always been in His hands, and the ultimate hope of any cure rested in His grace.

And, speaking of His grace, He has truly smothered us with His grace through the whole process. We have no complaints. Please keep praying for us for healing as our hope is in Him!

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