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What I got to tell my kids yesterday... thanks to you.

Teaching the Bible to your kids is a challenging undertaking. It's a wonderful command from God, but it is often tedious and demanding where some days you wonder if it's making any difference. Any of you parents who attempt family Bible time, which we all need to do*, know what's it like to think about throwing a cell phone (or two) into the yard, mummy duct-taping the 2 yr old so they'll stay still, (ours likes to make it "look at how cute I am time"), tranquilizing the young boy or snapping your fingers at the blank faces into which you stare as you talk about the recurring themes of the Book of Matthew and their significance.

But! Every once in a while you get to tell the kids about God's goodness in a way that can't be ignored. Many of you know that doctors don't have much hope for my situation and have stated the time is right for any special memories I'd like to create... since they can't guarantee I'll feel up to it later.

So, we decided the memory we dreamed to do was a Disney trip... but since taking a family of our size is the same as a pretty good used car, it was a big dream. Finances have been tight due to medical bills, but we decided the memory was worth it.

However, we have these really great friends [clearing throat... reaching for Kleenex] who really love us and have been God's way to teach us to enjoy life. They felt led to set up a Gofundme so we can "go large". So, they did...

We really don't know what to say. They were led to do this, and we have seen love and generosity like we couldn't have dreamed. Brothers and sisters in Christ, neighbors, friends from many years ago, classmates from the Air Force Academy have all been exceedingly generous.

It has been an obnoxious display of love.

When bad things happen, we like to ask "why would this happen to us?" However, the same question can be asked on really amazing things... since some things are so great, they're overwhelming. But, we're asking ourselves: "why is this happening to us?" I figured it was because our kids are so cute or because my wife is so wonderful... I mean, you have to like her... if you don't, you really need Jesus. However, that wouldn't place the credit where it's due.

We truly see this as God saying "I love you, now enjoy."

The kids are excited about Disney... they ask my wife about it 15 times per day. They don't even know what it means, really, but they're excited. And, the best part for me is when we do Bible time now, I get to connect this series of gifts to God's love discussed in the Bible. I get to link the many facets of this blessing as the Spirit leads me in teaching to make that critical connection of God's truth and our lives.

So, what am I talking about in this post?

"These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." Deuteronomy 6:6-7

God's Word compels us to make life the laboratory for His absolutes. It is the great truth we need in the darkest of times. You may not have realized it, but over the last several months, anything you've done has made His Word more rich in my family's life. It is beyond value.

We don't deserve your love. We especially don't deserve God's love. However, we have received both in your generosity. Whether it has been the Gofundme, bringing us meals, taking care of our dog, praying for us or smothering us with compassion, we're very grateful for your others-centered approach.

God doesn't forget even a glass of water in love. I included the pic of Niagara Falls to illustrate what your blessings mean to us.



*I've read a couple sources that 10%, or less than 10%, of Christian families read the Bible together. We can do better. I can't encourage you enough to impress God's voice upon your children. You are the best (or worst) illustration of the importance of God's Word to your child.

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