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Where victory rests... and treatment update/praise!!

Looking back at yesterday's blog entry, I feel it was a little off balance. I hoped to tie together the truth with the connection of God's ultimate promise, but there is certainly more to that promise and its effects on our current lives I feel I should add.

Late last night, I kept thinking of the old chorus: "Victory in Jesus". I guess if I were to try to round out yesterday's post I should include that the promise provided in Christ brings collateral impact to every part of life, even if the control we'd like to have or certain expectations we think we should have are taken away. There is a greater joy in delighting in what is really promised in life than all the other things we long for that aren't promised or guaranteed.

As I thought of that old song, I tried to imagine substituting anything for Jesus, and it became quite comical in comparison to the beautiful victory and joy that comes in Jesus. Many blessings listed below, but they don't last like Jesus does.

"O victory in retirement..."

"O victory in corporate life..."

"O victory in the American dream..."

Or even...

"O victory in physical health..."

"O victory in marriage..." (it's OK to laugh... marriage is a wonderful blessing from God, but it isn't eternal, no matter how wonderful being married to Sara is... even if she can make me think the Mormon deal would be a good deal... it's of course, not true, but I digress...)

"O victory in children..."

No, there's really ultimately only victory in Jesus. Ecclesiastes reminds us all stuff goes to someone else, there is forced retirement, retirement doesn't save, the American dream isn't a promise, Lazarus still died after he was raised from the dead, marriages are for here only, and as great as chubby babies and children are, they're not your children forever.

However, Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega... His identity rests outside of time, and He's the promise to build upon.

The victory in Jesus is amazing and can free us from all the imprisonments of life... even the blessings God gives that we misuse and so entrap ourselves.

I hope going forward I can learn better to serve God with the blessings I do have and not treat them like some expectation that's more than God intended with them.

Treatment update: Hey, so there was a risk with my bilirubin levels... I don't understand it all, but if the number gets too high, I could have been looking at a procedure and disrupting treatment. Well, we had a test done today, and in less than a week, the numbers have gotten better!! Praise God!! Also some kidney # dropped in half. The doc was encouraged about the treatment impact being measured so quickly, and I'm glad the couple french fries I cheated yesterday didn't land me in the OR!! (Confession is good for the soul.)

Praise God. Once again, for all of you praying for us as we go through this trial, we love you, and we love the support, and I want to confirm God is glorifying Himself in this trial... and He'd still be glorifying Himself even if the #s weren't as good. (Forgive me for the last comment... trying to keep my inner prosperity theologian humble.)

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